No time to waste at Fokianos Bay

An hour and 34 kilometers of challenging mountain driving separate one of Greece’s top beaches from the picturesque village of Leonidio in the Peloponnese. But the effort is unquestionably worthwhile. This magnificent beach is situated in a safe bay surrounded by cliffs. The large white stones on the seabed and the shoreline reinforce the perception of a flawless blue, giving the impression that the clear blue waters are drinkable. The area is great for snorkeling because there are numerous aquatic life, fish, and seashells to see. There are just two locations with a few umbrellas, loungers, and a bar. A few years ago, the area was untouched, but now that it has been found, there is fear that bigger tourist structures would erode the area’s character. Find out where this paradise on earth is before it’s too late.

Following is a video from our visit to Fokianos Bay. Once you reach the beach, you can not waste time or hesitate before diving into these magical waters: