No time to waste at Fokianos Bay

What separates the beautiful town of Leonidio in Peloponnese from one of the best beaches in Greece is an hour and 34 km of not so easy mountain driving. But it is certainly worth the effort. This breathtaking beach is located in a protected bay ringed by cliffs. The clear blue waters gives you the impression that they are drinkable, while the big white pebbles on the shore and on the seabed emphasize the impression of perfect blue. The place is ideal for snorkeling, with lots of sea creatures, fishes and sea shells to examine. There are only two spots with some umbrellas and sunbeds, and also a tavern. The place was unspoiled a few years before but now it has been discovered and the fear of destroying its authenticity with heavier touristic structures becomes eminent year by year. Discover this earthly paradise before its too late.

Following is a video from our visit to Fokianos Bay. Once you reach the beach, you can not waste time or hesitate before diving into these magical waters:

The photos and the video are from our visit this August at Fokianos and the above extract is from our article about the best beaches in Arcadia.

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