Apaggio – The secret beach of Cavo Maleas

On the far edge of Lakonia (in Peloponnesos or Peloponnese) near the coastal town of Neapoli, at the unexplored Cavo Maleas (aka Cape Maleas or Cavo Malias) (Κάβο Μαλέας ή Μαλιάς), you will find one of the last unspoiled and secret beaches of Southern Greece. Cavo Maleas separates the Laconian Gulf in the west from the Aegean Sea in the east. It is the second most southerly point of mainland Greece (after Cape Matapan). The sea around the cape is notoriously difficult to navigate, featuring variable weather and sometimes very powerful storms. 

In this hostile context the beach is called Apaggio (Απάγκιο), which means safe harbour, and you could reach it through a web of easy dirt roads. It is a narrow natural fjord that ends on a small sandy beach. Impressive sea caves are formed on both slopes of the narrow cove and if you look closely you could see fossils of marine organisms on the rocks. Also the seabed of the small bay is spectacular with many fish and other sea creatures (like the rare starfish we found, called “ophiuroid” aka “brittle star”, along with the shell it uses as a home). However, you have to be a little careful because of the many sea urchins that are on the rocks. The cove is used as an anchorage by a fisherman, and also into the caves near the beach you could see engravings made by previous visitors.

A visit to this secluded paradise will leave you with memories forever. On the other hand, you too should respect its greatness and preserve its natural beauty. In the name of the joy of discovery, we won’t reveal its exact location and challenge you to discover it by yourself.

Following is a video from our recent visit to Apaggio with drone and underwater footage :

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