Voyagers Voice

Travel expression of culture and art

Free online travel magazine

Voyagers Voice is a digital travel magazine, based on culture and art. As the name suggests, the protagonists are travellers from all over the world who want to help all travel lovers by providing useful information little known to the vast majority of travellers. That is why the articles are written by natives or by people who have lived in that country for many years and know the culture and art of that place very well. Through the magazine we want to help travel enthusiasts understand and learn about different cultures and inspire them in their future trips.

We (Food and Travel) along with Bontryp, Italia Straniera and Shebs Alom are the co-founders of the magazine, and we hope this free digital magazine to become a gathering place for thinking travelers from all over the world.

You could read, download and print every month the new issue for free on :