More Street Art in Athens – Drawing a portrait of the city

When we published the article on Street Art in Athens three months ago, we knew we had left out some equally favourite works. Meanwhile, we discovered some works that had escaped our attention and also others that were created recently. This is the magic of this art, its constant dialogue with the city and its inhabitants. Street art is a continuously changing interaction that holds unique surprises.

Street art has developed mainly in large urban centres and Athens is no exception. The central areas of Athens have become one of the hottest destinations in the world for street artists. The Athenian neighbourhoods that are real street art galleries with numerous works (some of them made to order) are Psyri (Ψυρρή), Metaxourgeio (Μεταξουργείο), Gazi (Γκάζι) and Exarcheia (Εξάρχεια). But there are also many remarkable works in Plaka (Πλάκα), Monastiraki (Μοναστηράκι), Petralona (Πετράλωνα), Piraeus (Πειραίας) and other suburbs of the city.

In this new article, we add 10 works to the previous 15, and all together they are a unique portrait of Athens through the eyes of their creators and the eyes of the Athenians who interact with them.

No Land For The Poor by WD (Wild Drawing) (Emmanouil Benaki 84-86, Exarcheia)

Untitled by Guido Van Helten [November 2021] (Emmanouil Benaki 40 & Gravias, Exarcheia)

Untitled by M.Koan (Sokratous 6, near Athens Central Municipal Market, Monastiraki)

Apocalypse Now by INO (Agias Eleousis 2 & Miaouli, Psyri)

Complex by Gera (Mezonos 24, Plateia Vathis)

Hey YOU! by STMTS (Leof. Konstantinoupoleos 114-116, Metaxourgeio) & Wasted Love Stories by Fikos Antonios (Mitropolitou Kitrous Varnava, Vyronas)

At The River by Taxis and INO (Panormou 80, Ampelokipoi)

Untitled by Urban Act (Piraeus Port of Athens, Gate E2)

Photo at the top : Picasso by Skitsofrenis (Leoforos Ionias 91, Alimos)

This is a new random selection of works by known and unknown artists we came across in the neighbourhoods of the city (from the top left : Omonia, Psyri, Psyri, Kalithea & Alimos) :

Map with the 25 locations in Athens :

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