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General Travel Services

Create My Adventure

Create My Adventure is a Private Travel planning agency that offers clients unique, tailored experiences for those looking to take their vacations to the next level! They specialise in locations and experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. Everything from charting private jets and cruises to booking private guided tours, and even reserving entire islands. Their goal is to turn your trips into once-in-a-lifetime experiences!


eLandFly is a Spanish company that offers services related to the airline sector, providing its clients with the best value for money on the market. Its objective is to provide people with all the flights, schedules and prices of the different airlines, thus guaranteeing the transmission of their corporate values to all customers.

Ethik Hotels

Ethik Hotels is not a booking platform! Of course, you will find many professionals of sustainable tourism listed: a) ecological hotels, eco-lodges, gites and responsible campsites in France, in Europe and around the world & b) local and committed travel agencies to organise adventures tailored to you and in line with your values!

But that’s not all! As part of a responsible approach, preserving human exchanges is as important as protecting the planet and its ecosystems. This is why what makes Ethik Hotels special is the strong desire to re-establish human contact with short circuits. No more booking platforms that create one too many intermediaries between you and your host. On each hotel or travel agency page, you will find the website and contact details of the establishment to exchange directly and organise your trip as you wish!


Be a part of something bigger. RatePunk is a revolutionary tool created for saving time and money. They believe the travel industry needs to step out of its comfort zone. That’s what RatePunk team is all about. And using their tool, you get access to modern travel. RatePunk extension scans all the biggest booking sites ( / Expedia / Priceline / Agoda / & others) and compares the prices for the same hotel live in less than a second. RatePunk is free of charge and wasn’t designed to be hard-to-use. Its simplicity, modernity, and speed – that’s what makes it perfect.

It’s not just about starting to use it at the moment – by downloading their extension, you support their team along the way. And the only thing they wish for now is people who risk believing in them. In their product. In the biggest change of the travel industry.


Triptome is the world’s 1st Eco-friendly & Meta Hotels Search Engine. it was founded in 2021 and constantly improves its search engine to suit your search for travel and accommodation needs. Triptome is the main entrance for all popular OTA’s such as, Agoda,, Expedia, make my trip, etc. Triptome contacted over 200 of the most popular Online Travel Agencies in the World. Find the best accommodation from the best hotel search engines at once. All in one place!

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Specialised Travel Services

Amazing Liguria (Liguria/Italy)

Amazing Liguria (Guida Turistica in Liguria) offers guided tours for individuals, couples, families and group travellers in Genoa and Liguria with local private guides. Treat yourself to something special, whether you are on vacation, with friends, family, or for business and ask for a tour designed for you. Choose whether you want to walk, drive, hike or ride a bike. Liguria can be an unforgettable experience. City, sea and nature, the wonderful food and the tangible history are the stones of a tailor-made tour, focused on your requests and desires. As tourist and hiking guides living in Genoa and Liguria, they want to show you exactly what interests you. As educated historians and, of course, Italians can give you a true picture of Liguria’s fascinating past and present – in or out of the beaten tourist path!

Aperis (Peloponnese/Greece)

Aperis Well-Being and Alternative Travel Guidance is the new tour operator and alternative travel guidance company specialized in the Peloponnese region. Created by a team of motivated and experienced people involved in tourism for over 20 years. Based in Corinth, Peloponnese, Aperis has a different point of view, offering an alternative but also a complete travel experience.

contact: / website:

AXIS Destination Management (Jordan)

AXIS is a newly found travel company in Jordan established in late 2020. With a combined experience of 50+ years amongst the founding members. The idea is a destination management organization with a strong cultural impact, with a creative approach to promoting the beauty of the Middle East and its people through scheduled tours and events while delivering a high level of quality and attention to detail.

Bespoke England Tours (England/UK)

Bespoke England Tours was founded by professional London guide David Garcia who wanted to provide high-quality and good value for money tours and experiences in London and England for discerning travellers. Their tours are designed for the refined traveller who enjoys private tours at their own pace, staying away from crowds, travelling in comfort and style with the full attention of knowledgeable guides and chauffeurs. Bespoke England Tours specialises in day trips in London and around southern England: Windsor Castle, Hampton Court, Stonehenge, Kent Wine Tours, Cotswolds English Whisky and Gin Distillery Tours, Harry Potter film locations, Bath, the Cotswolds and many more.

Budapest Locals (Hungary)

Budapest Locals are a couple of local girls with local sentiments and a love for their city, who have decided to do bespoke tours of Budapest that they adore and the culture that they come from. With them it’s all-inclusive. For the base price, they will show you all the major tourist cost-intensive highlights as well as a sense of life as a local. They will share with you some of the hidden corners, local hotspots, and unusual sights that make daily life in Budapest not only tolerable but phenomenal. Also, during the tours, they provide all the maps, metro tickets, food, drinks and entry fees. And to top it all off, they would treat everybody on their tours with snacks and samples, freshly brewed coffee, or a nice dessert. In the end, they would like to enrich you with an authentic recipe of goulash or chicken paprikas. The only drawback to their tours is that afterwards you might never want to leave.

Cab Tours Belfast (Northern Ireland/UK)

Cab Tours Belfast is the only Black Taxi Cab Tour company in the city of Belfast that’s owned jointly by both a Protestant and a Catholic. This puts them in a highly unique position for giving all their customers a fair and unbiased tour, during which you will hear both sides of the stories and events that they call ‘The Troubles’. Their most popular tour is the Belfast Murals Tour. This is a political tour of West Belfast’s Shankill Road and Falls Road. The tour begins in the back of the Black Taxi Cab, and your guide will give you background information about ‘The Troubles’.

Cab Tours Belfast is ranked #1 Belfast Black Taxi Tour Company on Tripadvisor.

Explore Belgrade! (Serbia)

Explore Belgrade! offers private tours and transfers in Belgrade and Serbia with highly skilled and experienced guides and tourist-grade vehicles. They specialise in private and small-group tours since 2010. Their team consists of licensed top-class guides and heritage interpreters, considered the best professionals on the market. Their audiences include individuals and couples, small and close groups, business travellers, officials and VIPs. All their services are fully private and delivered in a personalised way. They know that travel is all about the emotions and experiences that you will take home as your personal treasure. Explore Serbia with them at your own pace, style, and creativity. Should you wish to adapt your itinerary, they would be happy to help!

Gastronomy Cyprus Tours (Cyprus)

Gastronomy Cyprus Tours & Events, is the first awarded licensed travel agency, based in Limassol, Cyprus, introducing specialised gastronomic tours, as well as themed tours of special interest. The multi-cultural side of Cyprus cuisine, influenced by the choices and cultures of different civilizations, is an amalgam of flavours from the East and Europe, based on the Mediterranean diet, which gains greater prestige and appreciation worldwide. With absolute respect to the philosophy of alternative tourism, a subcategory of cultural tourism, they aim to encourage interaction with the local environment, people and communities. Their role as servants of this sub-category of Cultural tourism, is to tell the story… To discover a point of commonality through the story of every traditional recipe. The story which curries the customs, the habits, the joys and sorrows, the fairy tales and the legends. This unique point of commonality will provoke, inspire, incite the mass change in cultural conversation, and contribute to the encouragement of personal and spiritual growth in journeys of intercultural exchange.

GourmeTravel (Slovenia)

Slovenia is a beautiful country full of hidden culinary spots, surrounded by gorgeous nature. GourmeTravel is a culinary tour operator, organising special individual gourmet tours/trips through Slovenia. They love their job and it would be their pleasure to create the perfect holiday for you. Their offer includes wine tastings, bio salami tasting accompanied with natural wines, a picnic in the park, cheese tasting, fine dining…

Identita Terra (Umbria/Italy)

Identità Terra is an incoming agency based in Perugia. It is born as a reality from the union of the experiences and skills in the tourist, organisational, cultural, social and technical fields of its founding members. They intend to have a company structure operating in the tourism sector that can create solid networks in all related sectors. They are working on packages that narrate the Etruscan roots, good food and the territory that lends itself well to slow tourism aimed at all those who love sports and nature walks. They offer live experiential tours among the most beautiful and authentic villages of the Etruscan and medieval cities of Umbria and they give life to historical characters who have formed our thoughts and the suggestions of a common feeling.

INDULGE – Curated food experiences (Switzerland)

INDULGE offers curated food tours as well as exclusive culinary experiences in and around Zurich. It is their aim to celebrate the rich culinary history of Switzerland while bringing people together over delicious foods and drinks. Thanks to their relationships built over the years with some of Switzerland’s best chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers, artisan producers, vintners and brewers, INDULGE offers culinary experiences that are one-of-a-kind. Their team consists of local chefs, sommeliers, restaurant managers, hospitality experts as well as food entrepreneurs that do their best every day to showcase everything the amazing Swiss food scene has to offer.

INDULGE offers bespoke tastings and classes, foodie tours, cooking experiences and organises corporate events.

Macarena Tours (Spain)

Victor and Clara are official guides of Andalusia and founders of Macarena Tours. They decided to settle down in Seville and they would love to walk with you and tell you about its fascinating history from their personal perspective. So choose one of the guided tourist services they offer in Seville and join a pleasant and enriching experience. They also want you to get a unique memory, either by getting a handmade souvenir or by participating in one of their special tours. Because they know that if you remember them with affection, you will also keep a part of your visit to Seville with affection.

Meet Bosnia (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Meet Bosnia travel team is a group of young but educated and enthusiastic individuals. Their local Bosnian guides share love and knowledge of their country with the world in the best possible way. They offer a range of standardised tours and excursions, designed specifically to satisfy all wishes and special interests of their guests. Their mission is to show the world all the hidden gems of Bosnia and Herzegovina, be it natural, historical, gastronomic, or religious. Besides their beautiful capital, Sarajevo, where they do most of the tours, and other beautiful regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, they offer great customized packages in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Italy.  Their tours are available in many languages, such as English, Spanish, French, German, Turkish, Arabic and others. 

Monte Mare Travel (Montenegro)

Monte Mare Travel is a travel agency and tour operator based in Podgorica and focused on tourism in Montenegro. They offer a wide range of services by a specialised and licensed team of people who have long-time experience. Monte Mare Travel organises various group and individual arrangements and many other reliable and convenient tourist services, such as daily tours, activities (hiking, cycling, canyoning, rafting, ATV, horse riding, jeep safari), wine tours, religious tours, transfers, rentals and tour packages. Their team consists of highly experienced, well-educated and friendly staff, who will be available to you at any time for information, suggestions and questions.

Original Berlin Tours (Germany)

At Original Berlin Tours, they believe you deserve the opportunity to have the best experience in Berlin and they would like to extend a warm welcome to you. With a full range of tours including their free walking tours of Berlin, day trips from Berlin and their Berlin nightlife tours, travellers and holidaymakers of all ages can discover the wonders of the city by day or night with their fun guides.

Take the strongest first step with Original Berlin Tours to experience the vibrant culture of Berlin.

Prague by Vespa & Prague by E-bike (Prague/Czech Republic)

Prague By Vespa is Prague’s 1 only Vespa Rental provider – locally owned and operated. They aim to give you world-class service and experience on their polished and high-end Vespa Fleet. Prague is a special place and they believe that seeing most of Prague will heighten your experience and leave memories that will bring you back over and over again to this magical city.

They also are the proud owners of Prague by E-Bike and Prague By-Bike which is the first locally owned tour company committed to providing educational, cultural, and historical tours of Prague.  For years, their tours have been guided by Prague’s own young, enthusiastic, licensed guides, who will show you parts of the city you would never visit during a typical Prague city tour. Their Guides are from Prague and educated in Czech History and politics. Tours are suitable for all ages as their E-Bikes/Bikes do most of the work, leaving you to enjoy your trip. 

Prague Food & Fun Tours (Czech Republic)

When you choose a tour with Prague Food & Fun Tours, forget about crowded groups. Also forget about big buses, running crazily between the different stops, and hidden fees and payments which are not included in the tour price. Forget about disgusting lunches in a rush and also rude, stressed, and unknowledgeable guides. They are just different. With them, you will enjoy every single minute and every single place of their tours. They promise you that the group will never be bigger than eight people. On their tours, you will always feel as if you are among your own family or a bunch of friends. Any food and drinks they offer you will be really enjoyable and delicious, and any place we intend to show you will be genuinely unique and interesting. Their small, family-owned company will treat you in the best possible way and they will more than happy to show you how beautiful the Czech Republic can be.

Santorini’s Luxury Travel (Santorini/Greece)

Santorini’s Luxury Travel is a travel agency based on the unique Greek island of Santorini. They offer luxurious and cosy accommodation, in family hotels and romantic honeymoon hideaways, over the Caldera or by the sea. They also offer transfers to any part of Santorini and their services are 24/7. Their vehicles are luxury minivans fully air-conditioned and their drivers are professional and English-speaking. In addition, they organise daily private or group sightseeing tours and day trips to the most eye-catching views of Santorini, with licensed tour guides or local assistants. Likewise, guided tours and tastings are offered at a variety of vineyards and wineries. Finally, they offer a range of sailing cruises near the Caldera and the Volcano.

You can also download their useful tour guide app for free from Google PlayStore.

Sharing Holidays (Malta)

Sharing Holidays is In/Outbound Tour Operator and Destination Management (DMC) in Malta. Their primary objective is to help their clients to get around with the highest levels of safety and comfort, enjoy the beauty of Malta, see the attractions, and practise their hobbies. They help them to capture those pleasant and memorable moments they spend on the island from arrival to departure. They are able to prepare an itinerary with all the required services and the most reasonable prices. All services are delivered to their clients in a professional and presentable manner so that all their clients are satisfied with their services. 

Taste Bratislava (Slovakia)

Taste Bratislava creates unique cultural and culinary experiences for you to enjoy. With them, you’ll get culturally rich and off-the-beaten-path experiences that will introduce you to Bratislava through the taste of its delicious traditional meals, local wine, typical beer and interesting stories from Bratislava’s rich history. They also arrange customized tours which are a great option for corporate events and incentive travel. Taste Bratislava tours are top-rated on TripAdvisor and have welcomed over 10.000 clients from all over the world since 2014.  Experience a unique opportunity to have a taste of local life by connecting with the city’s personality, cuisine and culture in an unforgettable way. You can relax. They’ll lead the way. They happily deliver organised, punctual, customer-focused tours.

Taste Porto (Portugal)

Taste Porto is Porto’s longest-running food tour company and leader in showcasing the rich history and culture of the city. Their food and wine walking tours feel less like tours and more like taking a walk with a local friend who wants to share the history, architecture, culture, and cuisine of their beloved city. So that you can taste the real Porto! Over the past 9 years, they came out as the top pick for Porto Food Tours on Lonely Planet, The Guardian, and Parts Unknown by Anthony Bourdain. Do you want to taste the real Porto while making a positive impact on the community? Book now one of their unique tours!!!

Tourist Guide Croatia (Croatia)

Behind the name Tourist Guide Croatia is Lea, a licensed tourist guide in Croatia for Šibenik, Split and Dubrovnik areas. She adores her job and cannot wait to share with you all the beauties that Croatia has to offer! She enjoys introducing her country to guests from a typically local point of view and beyond well-known tourist paths. Contact her if you would like to have an authentic local experience in Croatia with a passionate guide.

Tour Real (Albania)

Tour Real is a unique leading new establishment travel company based in Tirana, Albania. They provide luxury travel services, the best range of property accommodation in Albania, offering superb hospitality and assistance throughout the stay. Their agency tends to make this country one of the most visited and filled with love from all people around the world. They will be coming soon to every city of Montenegro and Kosovo, creating opportunities for high-class clients to explore the beauties and traditions of the Balkans.  

Viaggi Organizzati in Marocco (Morocco)

Viaggi Organizzati in Marocco is a travel services company in Morocco. They offer amazing tours in Morocco for couples, groups of friends, family members or company meetings. Always professionally organised and expertly carried out with the collaboration of tourist transport agencies and qualified tour guides. Choose from the proposed tour projects, or send them your own project, and they can “design” your tour together. Their main objective is to make your wishes come true and advise you on the best way to enjoy a wonderful adventure in Morocco.

Wolfy’s Adventures (Austria)

Wolfy’s Adventures in Vienna is a traveler’s gateway to the off the beaten path, picturesque, exciting side of Austria’s capital. Wolfy has channeled his 40+ years experience working in the hotel, restaurant and travel industry across the globe into this amazingly unique project. He surrounded himself with a minded, passionate team, on a mission to deliver one of a kind experiences that appeal to all the senses. Wolfy’s Adventures offers both private as well as group tours in Vienna, combining history, entertainment and gastronomy.

Yummy Istanbul (Turkey)

Yummy Istanbul has been offering food tours in Istanbul since 2013 and is a member of TURSAB. They are culinary enthusiasts, cultural experts, professional tour guides who are extremely proud to share their Istanbul and Turkey knowledge with you. They are a small family business – two founders who hand-picked every experience of their tours to create your unforgettable Istanbul memory. They offer you so much more than just a delicious food tour, they offer you a glimpse into Istanbul.

Istanbul’s #1 Loved Food Tours


Dias Boutique Hotel (Nafplio/Greece)

The former house of Ypsilantis, Dias Boutique Hotel enjoys a central location in the beautiful and historic Nafplio, a favourite destination for all Greeks and tourists from around the world, with views over Palamidi Castle and Akronafplia. Its elegant guest rooms have hydromassage jets and 26’’ satellite TVs. The classic rooms at Dias feature large beds with silken sheets and allergy-free mattresses. The bathrooms have deluxe toiletries and soft towels, as well as a shower with hydromassage jets. A tasty breakfast, including homemade jams and traditional pies, is served each morning at the hotel’s breakfast room.

When the vibrations from the past of a city that combines natural beauties and the historical background of centuries, seek their own space, then this space becomes your special environment for calm, renewal and escape from everyday life.

Kimon Hotel Athens (Athens/Greece)

Kimon Hotel Athens is located on the edge of the Acropolis, in the picturesque neighbourhood of Plaka – the oldest and the most historical district of Athens. Only a few metres from the Parthenon, the new Acropolis Museum and Syntagma Square, with direct access to all public transport services. Kimon Athens Hotel might be the place that “every traveller returns to” for relaxation. Cosy atmosphere, personalised care and attention to detail compose the special character of the hotel, designed for your comfortable and relaxing stay. Choose among the 14 diversely decorated rooms and find the one that fits your needs. At the end of an active day, you can always relax with a cool drink in the roof garden that boasts mesmerising views of the Acropolis.

Are you still looking for a hotel in Athens?

Villa Vetrichina (Tuscany/Italy)

Villa Vetrichina was born as a country farm in 1700 in the enchantment of Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana. The proximity of the thermal waters and the village of San Casciano Dei Bagni make staying in this corner of Tuscany a unique experience of its kind, a place where you can find tranquillity. Recently, the subject of a careful renovation, with the use of natural materials from the territory. After a day at the spa or wandering around the beauties of these places in the evening, our restaurant becomes the right place to relax. Chef Francesco agrees on the menu with the guests by guiding them to tastings of local specialities in a welcoming and informal atmosphere in the warmth of the fireplace. Together with Chef Francesco, we organise cooking lessons in the name of the most authentic culinary traditions.