11 photos to prove why Santorini is so unique …

Santorini (aka Thira) is probably the most famous Greek island. Thousands of tourists come here every year to feel the ambience of this wonderful place. Everything has already been written about the island and little is left to be said.

Here are eleven photos as proof of why this place is so unique. Indulge in its magic. Why ?

Because it has the most beautiful sunset in the world
Because you will never forget the view of Fira
Because at night Fira is even more spectacular
Because Oia is one the most picturesque villages in Europe
Because blue and white are bathed in a light you won’ t find anywhere else
Because an eruption of colour could happen anytime
Because only here you can see the “Red Beach”
Because Santorini is full of surprises
Because you can visit the ruins of “Atlantis

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