Food and Travel in Athens (Delivery Edition)

In the strange times, we live in there is no reason to lose hope. We will always have beautiful memories of the past and the dreams of the future. Our team searched our previous articles and found the best places for food that we had suggested in the past and identified which of them have delivery service during the lockdown. These are eight restaurants and a patisserie that could bring unique pleasures and flavours to your door :

Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

Juicy Grill : There is a reason why people are seeking this relatively small place in the streets of Cholargos and are lining outside to taste their excellent burgers. The meat is always fresh and the brioche bread is baked the same day. The burgers are grilled perfectly according to your request. The variety is big and the combinations tasty and original. The burger is served with excellent fried potatoes or a baked potato. The salads also are very good. Our favourite burger : New Yorker. (Cholargos, Athens)Juicy Grill delivery link

Burger AP : The famous Greek TV chef Akis Petretzikis said a few years before that he wanted to create the most delicious burger in the city. He created a cosy self-service restaurant and a selection of burgers with various fillings. There is of course a beef burger but also burger with chicken, duck, crab, pancetta, tagliata and falafel. You can add extra ingredients and there is a surprising variety of sides to eat with your burger, from potatoes to nachos and truffle corn. The quality is excellent and this place is definitely an alternative to the classic burger house. Our favourite burger : “the classic” Burger AP. (Agia Paraskevi, Athens) Burgers AP delivery link

La Bella Napoli : A small pizzeria hidden in the streets of Dafni which makes probably the best authentic Italian pizza in the city. The owner and cook is Italian. He makes pizza in the original Neapolitan way and uses only Italian products. The choices are not many but each one of them is very tasty. This place is a real Italian experience. (Dafni, Athens)La Bella Napoli delivery link

Just Pizza: In the streets of Zografou, you will find this small pizzeria, loved by the university students who live in the area (due to its proximity to the university campus). The two cooks had worked as pizza chefs in various restaurants in Greece and abroad, before opening their own pizzeria. The pizza is thin and tasty with fresh ingredients and well baked in wood oven. The variety is sufficient and they also make excellent calzone. (Zografou, Athens) Just Pizza delivery link

Photo by Lucian Alexe on Unsplash

Kalamaki Bar : This is a relatively new place and our favourite in Koukaki. The quality of meat is excellent and it is grilled perfectly – not very big but very tasty. They have souvlaki with lamb, pork, beef and chicken, and two options without meat but with halloumi cheese, mushrooms and peppers. The place is very popular among locals and tourists. (Koukaki, Athens)Kalamaki Bar delivery link.

Barba Stavros (Μπάρμπα Σταύρος) : This place with a sixty-years history is beloved by the inhabitants of Piraeus. The fluffy dough is made with the secret recipe of Savvoulidis family and it is what makes this peinirli unique. Nowadays the grandsons of the first owner continue the tradition and keep taste and quality always the same. The peinirlis are huge and overfilled with fresh ingredients. The combinations are many, but you can also order a peinirli with fillings of your choice. They also serve very good pizza with the same dough. (Drapetsona, Piraeus) Barba Stavros delivery link

Smak : This place is one of these pleasant surprises you could find in downtown Athens. The place is the result of the effort and the will of four friends to make good pizza and peinirli. The difference here is in the dough, which is prepared and seasoned for six days. The peinilri is always baked the moment you order it and there are many tasty combinations to choose from. They also serve excellent pizza. (City Centre, Athens)Smak delivery link

Vlachos (Βλάχος) : This tavern in the northern suburbs of the city is in a category of its own. Here you could taste perfect, juicy and delicious pork steaks, homemade meat patties and authentic sausage. But apart from the meat, the specialty here is the traditional pies, which are baked on the grill and not in the oven, following a traditional way of cooking. There is a good variety of pies, like cheese pie, pie with pasta (makaronopita), spinach pie and zucchini pie. The meat and the pies are prepared and cooked in an open kitchen at the centre of the tavern, so everyone could watch. (Melissia, Athens)Vlachos delivery link

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Kosmikon (Κοσμικόν) : Since 1961 when the first shop opened in Agios Nikolaos suburb, this has been considered by many the best galaktoboureko in Athens. Back in the 1980s, you could wait almost an hour in line in order to buy it. The phyllo is always crunchy, the cream smells fresh milk butter and the syrup is made with a secret recipe without lemon. Nowadays Kosmikon has four locations around Athens. (Agios Nikolaos & 4 more locations, Athens)Kosmikon delivery link

We hope to find our recommendations useful and enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner at home.

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