The wooden bridges of Lucerne

Nov 17, 20228 min read

Lucerne (or “Luzern” in German) is the largest city in Central Switzerland and lies on the western shore of Lake Lucerne. Although it started as a small fishing village, it grew into an important staging and commercial point when the…

Cinque Terre - Nessun Dorma

Nessun Dorma – The best aperitivo in Cinque Terre

Nov 4, 20225 min read

…and one of the best in Italy Nessun Dorma is the heaven in Cinque Terre. Eat italian food and drink local wine. Have you seen the view from here? CINQUE TERRE The five villages of the Cinque Terre (Riomaggiore,…

Skopje, North Macedonia

Skopje, an underrated European capital worth discovering

Oct 19, 20229 min read

Skopje is the capital and the political, cultural, economic, and academic centre of North Macedonia. It is an up-and-coming city with a population of 550.000, which represents one-quarter of the total population of the country. It has a strategic location…

Things to do in Zurich

8 things to do if you’re visiting Zurich for the first time

Oct 13, 20229 min read

Zurich may not be the capital of Switzerland, but it is a global centre for banking and industry. It is a beautiful city, very well organised and, at the same time, hospitable and tolerant of the multidimensional mosaic of its…

Porto, Portugal

3 dishes you must try in Porto

Jul 13, 20225 min read

Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal (after the capital, Lisbon) and one of the most beautiful cities in the Iberian Peninsula. Located along the mouth of the Douro River in northern Portugal, The centre of Porto is one of…

Ohrid, North Macedonia

Ohrid – A visit to one of the oldest lakes in Europe

Jun 23, 20229 min read

Lake Ohrid is located on the mountainous border between southwestern North Macedonia and eastern Albania. It is one of the deepest (294 m) and oldest lakes in Europe, with a unique aquatic ecosystem that includes more than 200 endemic species.…

Best wurst in Zurich

Where to eat the best wurst in Zurich

Jun 2, 20224 min read

Wurst, which means sausage in German, is one of the most popular foods in Switzerland, especially in its German-speaking Eastern part. The sausage is typically combined with bread and a sauce (usually mustard or ketchup). The two most common types…

Sete, Southern France

Sete – The most beautiful port in Southern France

May 19, 20227 min read

Although not one of the most famous and prominent destinations in the South of France, Sete is a unique city with its own character that is worth visiting. Known as the Venice of Languedoc, it is a port and a…