Discover 5 of the best beaches in Arcadia – Greece

Arcadia is a region in Peloponnesos, which is most commonly known for its picturesque mountain villages and as a very popular destination for winter holidays. However with a very long coastal line, along Myrtoan sea, which starts near Nafplio in the north and ends near Monemvasia in the south, it has many to offer as a summer destination as well. Here, in our opinion, are 5 beaches which stand out in the area, as well as in the whole Peloponnessos.

Lileika beach

1. Lileika (aka Karakatsanis or Karanti) : Lileika beach is located 26 km from Nafplio, on your way to Paralio Astros. There are two beaches here under the same name, the second one, also known as Karakatsanis or Karanti, due to the tavern-beach bar, which operates here, has easy access from the main road. You park your car at the parking areas alongside the main road and you walk 200 meters down to the beach. Only a small part of the beach is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds. The beach and the seabed are sandy. The waters are shallow and ideal for kids. The highlight is two sea caves with small sandy beaches inside, on the north end of the beach.

Kryoneri beach

2. Kryoneri : Kryoneri beach is 22 km south of Paralio Astros and is very popular among locals. It is a long beach with crystal clear waters and white-grey pebbles on the shore. The waters are quite deep and the seabed rocky. The north part of the beach is well organized with two beach bars, a tavern, and other facilities. The rest of the beach retains its natural beauty and is ideal for diving and snorkeling. The view of the beach as you drive along the main road is just wonderful.

Ammos tou Moula beach

3. Tserfos – Ammos tou Moula : This small magic beach on your way from Paralio Astros to Leonidio, a few years before was a common secret among the locals. Now the secret has been revealed and the visitors are increasing by the day. A few meters after the main beach of Tserfos, leave your car along the road, walk down a small path among the olive and carob trees and this small piece of paradise is revealed in front of you. This sandy beach with warm crystal turquoise waters is like it has been transferred here from Kyklades. No facilities here, just the natural shadow of the trees on the shore. Discover this wonderful place but respect its natural beauty in order to remain unspoiled.

Tigani beach

4. Tigani : Tigani is a well-known beach for tourists staying in the nearby Tyros. It is a very well organized beach with sea sports, facilities and taverns. The waters are clear, not very deep but the seabed is quite rocky. Just next to the beach, with access only by the sea, you could find “Lover’s Cave”, a big sea cave with a small beach inside. You can reach it either by a rented canoe or paddleboat or by swimming (if you are a good swimmer). Extra tip : If you feel hungry, drive 500 meters more and visit Akroyiali restaurant on Tyros beach, probably one of the best places to eat in the whole region, for fresh fish, meat and delicious local dishes.

Fokianos beach

5. Fokianos : What separates the beautiful town of Leonidio from one of the best beaches in Greece is an hour and 34 km of not so easy mountain driving. But it is certainly worth the effort. This breathtaking beach is located in a protected bay ringed by cliffs. The clear blue waters give you the impression that they are drinkable, while the big white pebbles on the shore and on the seabed emphasize the impression of perfect blue. The place is ideal for snorkeling, with lots of sea creatures, fishes and seashells to examine. There are only two spots with some umbrellas and sunbeds, and also a tavern. The place was unspoiled a few years before but now it has been discovered and the fear of destroying its authenticity with heavier touristic structures becomes eminent year by year. Discover this earthly paradise before it’s too late.

And as an epilogue, a magic moment that took place on our way to Paralio Astros, while writing this article :